KLIMT, Europe's leading manufacturer in decorative cosmetics, offers a unique line in this category. An easy way to be fashionable, innovative and clean for professionals and end users.
Semi-permanent decorations for any kind of skin, with multiple colours in just one application. An excellent alternative to other methods of cosmetic decoration such as nail polish, lipsticks, perma- nent tattoos, eye makeup, etc ...

KLIMT meets the standard regulation of the EU in this area. If it is to be used in countries with restrictive or different legislation, we recommend that you do NOT use our products.
We have excellent packaging. The best condition for storage is at a temperature of 20 ° with a relative humidity of 57%. We recommend storing vertically and never stacked.
All our products undergo strict quality controls and are produced to the highest standards. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for the application results. Therefore, we highly recommend always performing a preliminary test prior to use on a large scale.


  • 100% Nail Lacquer. 

  • Duration + 15 days. 

  • No solvents or industrial adhesives. 

  • Posicionable. Quick and easy application. 

  • No wrinkles or scissors needed. 

  • Safe. Do not damage the surface of the nail 

  • Professional result 

  • Easy removal (use your nail polish remover). 

  • Made in Barcelona (from R & D to production). 

  •  Cosmetic product. 

  • + 7 free: (No paraben, No formaldehyde, No phtalates, No toluene, No xylene, No camphor, No rosin) 
Duration + 15 days 
It depends on each person and the use made, but we guarantee that they easily last from +15 days. 
Also, you can take a shower, go to the beach, play sports and swim in the pool as with any high quality nail lacquer.