They are applied in an easy, fast way as shown in our videos. Do it yourself or ask a friend to help you for a better fit. The skin must be clean, dry and free of oils.

All you need are: scissors, mirror (if necessary) clean water (warm if possible) and a tissue or cotton wool.

1. Lips must be completely clean and dry. (i.e. no beauty products)
2. Open your mouth to a wide "ahh" shape (1) and place the top side of the tattoo to your top lip lining the centre, and measure the width and depth. Make sure to apply the Lip Tattoo on the outside where your lips normally stay dry.
3. Cut to your measurements using the guide lines on the back of the tattoo. Repeat step 2 to make sure you've measured and cut properly.
4. Remove protective film and discard.
5. With your mouth open to a wide "ahh" (1) place the tattoo face down (sticky side) on your lip and press firmly.
6. Gently wet the backing paper of the Lip Tattoo with a very wet cloth or water (continue to apply pressure) for about 45 seconds (don't rush) until the backing paper starts to slide off.
7. Seal and smooth the tattoo with water using a tissue.
8. Repeat from step 2 to apply the bottom lip tattoo.
9. Let your lips dry for a few minutes before applying any other product, eating, drinking or kissing. 

(1) With Lip Tattoos containing glitter you must measure and apply the tattoo lips with your mouth open to an "ohh" shape.


  •   After applying the tattoo, do not twist or stretch the skin until it absorbs the tattoo (at least 10 minutes). The tattoo looks best after two hours.

  •   Never cut from the top line of the top lip tattoo pattern. Never cut from the bottom line of the bottom lip tattoo pattern.

  •   Don't eat anything too greasy since oil removes the tattoo.

  •   Use a straw while drinking wherever possible.

  •   If you want to use a sealer, balm or gloss make sure it is light, not oily or sticky.