Easy and fast

They are applied in an easy, fast way as shown in our videos. Do it yourself or ask a friend to help you for a better fit. Fingernails must be clean, dry and free of oils. If you wish, you can cut wherever you want.

  1. Varnish or paint the background colour of your fingernails and leave to dry. 
  2. Take an Appliqué that fits your nail. Remove the thin protective paper and immerse in water for about
    10 seconds. 
  3. Remove the Appliqué from the backing paper (do not reverse) and position correctly on the nail. 
  4. Use a soft towel to press and absorb excess water until dry. 
  5. Apply a high quality clear topcoat. Important! 

Voilà !

100% Nail Lacquer

Simply this: "100% Nail Lacquer".

Completely natural. It sticks with dextrin (a derivative of potato starch) on any base coat. No solvents. No scissors needed. Comfortable. Attractive during the day and eye-catching at parties.

Unlike thick plastic stickers or vinyl which, when placed normally produce wrinkles and last a few hours (be wary of them, or those with solvents, because when removed they can damage the surface layer of your nails), our products are for a perfect manicure, professional decoration, they are extrathin and completely natural.